The links:

Ham radio kits by HES Radio, LLC:

All you want to know about PSK31:

For italian fans of digimodes and Multipsk mirror site: I6KZR

PSK31 para principiantes, casi todo en PSK31: EA4ZB

PSK31 por donde empiezo? EA4ZB y U.R.E


A lot of informations for Hams and SWLs : ON3AD

Site dedicated to the robot that permits links by radio telegraphy with radio hams: F5DM

For fans of digital transmission modes: RV3APM

A lot of softwares and digital interfaces: G3VFP

For ON and PA Hams and SWL, a fine and complete site: ON4AW

The website of a musician work colleague:

My father's WEB site: FAMILY

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This page has been written the 10th of August 2009.